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New to the community, not new to copybotting. Trying to get a handle on how to do some things better (chiefly animesh). I look forward to sharing some uploads and learning some tips and tricks!

In terms of things to share... as well both rigged and static mesh, textures, etc., I have a fair number of paid-for Blender addons I would be happy to share. Are such things also welcome here, or is it strictly in-world content?
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Hello, Murpedo
Welcome to CBC - Copybot.Club Forum.

We are thrilled to have you here. It appears that you have a great understanding of meshes and 3D. With that being said, would fill us with joy to have such a presence.

Our forum is not just limited to game-related topics, but also encompasses many other programs.
We have subforums for Imagine Editing, 3D Mesh, Animations, Audio, Video and Stream related, Utilities, Models, Characters, Packs and Kit Bash ... and so much more !

We extend a warm welcome to all creators, as well as members who are interested in learning and assisting in the forum's expansion.


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