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Hello Avatar
I have been looking forward writing my introduction in these new surroundings. 

Some may know me from earlier, back in time under different circumstances on another forum. Very loyal and very blind; you may call me naive, I don’t mind, I do that myself.

As time passed, I got very tired of defending and explaining forum facts I didn’t believe in myself any longer. My eyes suddenly opened (with a little help from a friend), and I got to understand why no real changes were made on that forum. Why the need of changes got ignored and business just continued as usual.
I started to doubt and had to question my own loyalty. There were too many unanswered questions, I did not experience much support or help from many, and some facts* revealed to me, got me sick and tired of the "job" I was doing. I have been happy being a member though, met some great people there. But enough is enough. I just couldn’t see myself taking part in it any longer.
So here I am – back as an admin on an entirely new – and more democratic -  forum. I have used my experience assisting in the creation of it and grateful to be considered being of any help.  

Just look at it!

Pretty impressive, right?

Thank you to everybody involved – but it does not end here.
We need everybody’s input to keep on evolving the forum. This be both on forum structure, on tutorials and knowledge sharing in any way. 
*You can read more about which facts i and which pocket the finances fill here.



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Welcomes a mentor, a friend and the best moderator I've ever known. Period!

It will be a pleasure to be taught by you Nails
This 'noobie' super moderator is eager to learn so much!

[Image: MpU8hPH.gif]

!!!!!!! You've been missed !!!!!!!

showbis [Image: cool.png]

On why you left… sorry
never meant to carry news you weren't expecting!!!

You know how my chin dropped when I also found out
and thinking … he was doing us all a favor keeping a forum running…
a favor my big fat ASS! 

Naive doesn't mean dumb! 

!!!!!!! Let a true community adventure begin !!!!!!!
Sorry to hear that all happened, but that is the past, glad someone was there for you, now its time for a new start   Smile
u kno u doing something right when u got Nails  on board  Smile Cool #Bigfacts
Huge admirer of you C.Nails, You're THA BOMB! thank goodness you're here Rolleyes  You shouldn't be called naive by anyone, you're the kind of person this world actually needs, cuz there's already too much  My  going on already in this universe. Hurray! Hurray! for you being on board.

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