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I make 3D porn, hello.  I have a secondlife account with a lot of things purchased but I let it expire so I dont know if I will be able to share. If I give my secondlife account to someone I guess they could download and rip all the stuff I purchased? I am really only looking for whatever bvh files I can find for my animations, I dont know anything about copybot except that it can rip the bvh files from sex animations in secondlife.
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We hope you like it here Megaworm and maybe join the community and teach us and learn also

Your SL account doesn't expire nor the items in it (they are in the inventory)
don't offer your credential to your Second Life to anyone it is not safe or a wise thing to do

To rip your purchases you need a CB Viewer and we have both you can download (Revelator and the Community Viewer)
this is the 'tool' that allows you to do what you want

I am not an expert on ripping animations but from what I know you can get .ANIMATN and maybe you know how to do a clean conversion to .BVH
but I'll try to direct your question to one of our members who might help you better.
Welcome to CBC!

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