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hello guys
i'm new ... again
many known people here

hope I can contribute
sometimes I do copybot viewers  Cool
postbit slot
ehh, wish, is that you?!  Welcome back !

"sometimes i do copybot viewers"   Big Grin

Welcome to CBC  - we are a new forum! 

Look around and see if you don't find some people here with similar interests as you - who sometimes makes copybot viewers! And stuff. 

Right now your access to the forum is restricted - you can use the "orientation island forum"  - sofar! 

We  hope you like it here. 



Welcome aboard Wish! Thanks for checking us out here!
hey Wish happy to see you here
thank you all !!

I think ... I might like this forum
You think?
Welcome, Wish  Smile
Arrow " The funniest thing about this particular signature is, that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything, it's to late to stop reading it ! "
Bem vindo ao CBC Wish

Muito bom ver vc partilhando seu novo viewer… rsrsrsr vc faz viewers por vezes é?! ahahahahahha

Se vc necessitar de gráficos para seu viewer ou algo não hesite!

Sua conta já está como líder com acesso a todo o forum e esperamos todos que vc goste
ah sim… ainda tentámos encontrar vc antes de lançar-mos o CBC no seu Twitter e no Youtube

QQ coisa, não hesite

showbis Cool
Welcome to CBC Wish Cool
Yo, welcome back and enjoy the ride

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