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Hello Everybody
Hello I am a active member on copybot.pro. I have been invited here to post my contributions.
I hope we will have a blast Cool
postbit slot
Welcome, Jagi! Good to have you here Big Grin
Arrow " The funniest thing about this particular signature is, that by the time you realise it doesn't say anything, it's to late to stop reading it ! "
welcome to CBC - 

we hope to be that CB forum, where you find shares which you dont find any other places. That be knowledge, items, help and development. 

Of course you decide yourself what you are going to share, but please do not bring the same old shares which has circulated on the CB forum for years - we would like to see something new . 

and that being said we hope you will keep the stuff you find at CBC for yourself ( aka not post it anywhere else. )

-- and you already posted! 

welcome again.


Yes! Like I said in the other thread, very good to have you here and am anxious to see what else you have to share.
Normally we wouldn't want anything shared here that was already shared on another place, but in your case it's knowledge you're suggesting and sharing so I think it would actually be cool if you could share some of your other posts from other places, (only if you want, just a suggestion).
I'm glad to be here, I will send some new topics in the coming few days. I also have send you another email.
Welcome Jagi !!!!

enjoy Smile
Welcome to CBC Jagiwig Cool
I hope you feel at home here Jagiwig

showbis Cool
~ hands out some coffee and lemoncookies ~
welcome home

the CopyBotClub CBC
Thanks for the cookies, I'm enjoying it here so far Smile

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