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Inworldz grid closing
Just got these news : 

State of inworldz


postbit slot
Also saw they are gathering a funding campaign
and have already collected a lot of money, in fact they are less than 1k from objectives

check here: https://www.gofundme.com/inworldz-in-trouble

Something we should also consider to build a 2.0 viewer once we have a big and strong community
I've been to InWordz but didn't see much that appealed to me. I'm confused about why the GoFundMe funds will be used to start a new grid instead of saving the old one. Why would they make that decision?
Dina from what I see they were in debt to fund ops
that isn'tthe best option in my opinion…

I am more a believer that or you come strong with your capital or venture
or you live with what you make
credit companies are known to at times do these stunts and end up on their hands.

From what I've got… their not making anything new…
they are asking people to get their boxes for a sandbox that will be setup
and telling people who don't agree with the solution to remove those donations.
Just imagine CBC goes on crowdfund because it's on a complicated financial situation*
You contribute and then we close it all!

Then we come out and rename it… "The Bot" and meanwhile were trying to solve stuff and nothing is open… how would you feel about it
Yes, your funds are… on our pockets Shy

[Image: QomJUH0.png]

InWorldz so I've read has a new name, the 'thingie' now is Islandz (no logo, no domain, no shit)
Is it just me or in all the info that lady disclosed that got people to fund her had no info on anything like this????
There was never plans do another grid, or rename it or anything like it!!!!

Since I am not into the inside I cannot call it a scam, but it smells like it Huh
at least it is unfair for those who contributed for something to continue to see yourself blocked out of everything
while 'they sort the OAR's' get serious, please

This is the part I hate in metaverse so many scam artists, from forum admins to grids that promise heaven and earth
and then poof and leave you with the At

[Image: FFFFFtS.jpg]

For those who put the trust in Governor Linden, I would also invite you read the ToS 
Your money ain't money it's game tokens (means it's nothing)
They can close at any time they chose (no need even to warn you)
and then what?!

No money, no land, no creations, no store, no incomes.
Oh in case you think courts will help you, they won't!
You waived to court access also Big Grin


And they say copybot is illegal? and keeping backups it's also?
Call me a bandit then and say those governors are all Angel

This is basically how scam artists operate since the dawn of times, promises of gold and fortune and you end up empty handed

BTW: On the CBC example one disclaimer is necessary, we have funds and we are not asking anyone a dime
the day we'll do it's to fund the things we operate

If one day we go on crowdfund it's to make the 1 CLICK METAVERSE BACKUP tool
but until that comes… we got many miles to cover and many tools and viewers to release
On Copybot.club we have money to make it work
we do not steal users and call them VIP

@show I crowd fund you! Do you want it in kwanzas or usd  Tongue

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