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Frei's where the fun is!
Are your first impressions of copybot.club good? 
If they are, then we're on the right path!

But if we couldn't meet your expectations, please tell us all about it!
We're here to listen and to find solutions together.

Copybot for me was always something intriguing and like most, I had the worse idea about it. But when you listen only to one side of the story and to all sorts of lies, you end up believing!

I was invited by showbis, a big SL/RL friend of mine and he convinced me to bring my contacts and management skills into a project that started small and now has BIG plans.
When we started working on our tiny 'cowork' space at box.com, never we've imagined this would become a portal.

Each day we're a step closer to bring it to reality
step by step and taking the time to evaluate decisions, to correct, to simplify processes, to make it work for you, me, all!

I will be almost invisible here, that is particularly true when it comes down to forum activities. 
My role on CBC is to keep the project on its rails. Things like infrastructure, monitoring, security, external help, funding, boring things like that.
Here everybody knows their part and how to play it. 
I play the project management role

Contact me anytime about any issues, 
however, let me tell you when something  wrong happens with the infrastructure our sysadmins and I get our cell phones going crazy with system warnings 

I'll be here to listen and help with all I can

Welcome to copybot.club
Your inventory, your way! 


Showbis, you crazy mtf.
Only you could resurrect the old avatar in me.
postbit slot

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