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Home Again!
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So glad to be back! In the past it was a lot of texture posts, skins, and animations. Hopefully, more of that, but mesh as well since I have a huge stockpile I've purchased. I'll be hitting up the tutorials and experimenting to ensure all is well before I start sharing those with everyone.
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Welcome to the club lilbrat, your nickname does ring a bell Wink
Most of all members are for sure also known to you Exclamation

We've made 2 years back in January, we wanted a more organized forum and with a lot more usability like a drag and drop for images and a visual composer.
Here threads won't be clogged with thank you's, you have a button to do that and you can also rep the threads you like the most.

We all contribute to keeping the forum clean of drama, since we have no paying members nobody even thinks of being rude to a fellow club member.
In these cases, the Admins or Mods take care of things the good way or the other way

So expect a nice place to be in, with people that are here to share knowledge and be nice to others: We all make CBC a home and we hope you can fit right in!
Members rank up with shares or by doing tutorials or helping the forum in any way needed and we like to promote the rank of the ones who stand out.
You will find that we encourage people to build tools and viewers, to be creative, and to do collaborative work

It's similar because it is a forum but it ends there
in the essence we are what copybot should be about…we don't do it for the profit!

At the start, you will have access to the orientation island but when you start ranking up doors open for you

Have a good one, mate
If you got doubts or need assistance, don't hesitate

showbis Cool
Welcome home ya brat Smile.
Was about time, be ready to read a lot Smile.

~ hugz ~

the CopyBotClub CBC
happy welcome Smile
welcome to CBC Smile



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