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Hello world
I'm Andreaa. I was in SL long time ago and back a little.
I'm C# programer.
Cheese Tongue
postbit slot
Hi Andreaa,
welcome back to SL and to Copybot Wink

We have other people skilled in programming here and that is also why we have CB viewers and some tools
a C# programmer is always handy

Here we don't have paying VIPs so all members have to rank their way up and the more they have in post count the more doors the forum opens for them
All that we ask is that everybody respects each other and play by the rules (at the top of the sandbox).
Shares can be from anything we may not have (use search) or tutorials or even making tools or work with others

I hope you like it here and in case you need anything just ask

Welcome to the club
showbis Cool
Hey yayyyyyyyy another programmer,
i always listen when our programmer talk with each other,
but i dont understand a single word Hahahahahha.
I am happy when they are happy that means everything runs

Welcome a board.

the CopyBotClub CBC
happ welcome Andreaa

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