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Hi everyone, nice to see you back, i am unable to view threads as i still have not received an authorisation code, any advice ?
postbit slot
welcome to the forum
your account will get activated automatically by an admin, so be patient Smile
New to copybotting? Wanna rip mesh? Tutorial here:
(03-03-2021, 09:15 AM)pokerbhoy Wrote: Hi everyone, nice to see you back, i am unable to view threads as i still have not received an authorisation code, any advice ?

You registered on on the following date,
Joined: 03-01-2021

On this day your account were activated Smile. You cant see
any threads because first your intro, which you did, then to the
sandbox and there are ALL information you need to rank up.
Here is the HowTo page of the sandbox.

Welcome Home Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC

it took you 2 months to arrive at introductions but we are glad you did arrive anyway Wink
Your account was activated manually the same day you registered!

Now that you introduced yourself you are on your way…
please do not forget to read the rules and important threads
it is also nice to know how does ranking works and when you will have access to more forums
The link to all relevant information is HERE

I hope you like to be with us,
welcome to the club!
showbis Cool
hi phokerboy

as explained above, you have been activated the day the CopyBotClub CBC mentions.  If you have not been activated, you would not be able to type or read anything. 

Also as the CopyBotClub CBC explains, read the important thread in the sandbox.  

One of the links in the sandbox information, leads to your abilities when being registered 

CBC forum is not broken.
You are not unable to read threads and post, but probably you are looking in the forums your usergroup do not have access to. When you have no access - you can not read anything. 

my advice is - read.  

Welcome to CBC


didnt notice that Showbis replied too, I was typing my advice and welcome


Thanks for the replies, i understand how the forum works now, slightly different from before, cannot be a bad thing Smile
(03-03-2021, 03:21 PM)pokerbhoy Wrote: ........... slightly different from before.......... 

there is no before Smile 

CBC is CBC.  We have never been anything else. 

you might see names you associate with other forums, but that belongs to the past.


update on your shares in the sandbox

I am moving them to the SL forum now, since you have not been active since May 2021. 

Great and well made shares , btw .  Hoping you return!



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