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Hello again
Came from the other place, glad to be back. Nearly 15 years in SL and still enjoying it.
postbit slot
Hi again Silver,

I also came from another place and many other people you for sure know Wink
Glad to have an experienced SL user and I assume also skilled in CB.

We did copybot.club not for ourselves but for members,
here you find VIPs but you will find rules and respect for your fellow members

We have better functionalities and we are constantly improving
with the help of all of you!

Feel welcomed at the club!
showbis Cool
15 years in SL.  

amazing. You must have witnessed quite a lot of changes. 

shoes with that clickclack sound, even when walking on a sand surface.
BLING emitting from everything

- and feet looking like this

[Image: ygkrrTg.png]

welcome to CBC, Silver.  

Glad you found us. 



not to forget good griefing, today almost impossible

welcome here
And those "Blinkies" and the "Klack-Klack" of the heels,.
I am glad you found us, it has been a while since i have read
you Smile.
Welcome Home.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Welcome to CBC Silver Cool

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