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New Lelutka heads
I saw this post by Lelutka on Flickr saying that they made new heads with higher HD skins (I think?) but I haven't checked it out yet in-world.

https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

It seems like BOM will not work since the new head uses a custom UV layer, but hopefully that DOES mean that the skins will be as easy to rip as selecting the mesh head and inspecting the textures. 

Anyone have some experience yet with these heads?
postbit slot
and if we ripped the head still no texture no skins and no huds because scripts not copyable 
so no Ao and no facial expression  donut
(03-18-2021, 06:11 PM)nicod Wrote: and if we ripped the head still no texture no skins and no huds because scripts not copyable 
so no Ao and no facial expression  donut

In OSgrid, we have Athena bodies that are scripted. We just move the scripts to the appropriate mesh and edit the UUID's of the script for the HUD to work. Not too complicated if you sit down and play with the scripts a bit.
I usually make my own skin appliers anyways and use the Athena body instead of the import Lara body. There is a sample applier HUD in the Athena package.
These will also work in SL and in a standalone sim as well.
I'm not going to post those scripts, better for you to get the athena package so you can see where each script goes and how it is edited.
OK I just wanted to post an update to my experience with the new heads, now that I finally got my hands on one today.

The Lelutka Evo X DOES use BOM layers so we will be able to share wearables and UUIDs on here that will work with that.

HOWEVER, the new heads have a custom UV map so Evo X specific skins, makeup, etc will ONLY work on Evo X and not other mesh heads or even other Lelutka heads.

It seems like there is a toggle on the Evo X HUD to use the old UV map or the new HD UV map so if you toggle for the old style, your old stuff can be used still.  It's either one or the other though - if you toggle the old UV map on you will not be able to use Evo X specific stuff at the same time on the BOM layer.

I'm still inexperienced with these heads and once I play around with it more I will post my findings here!

I was able to rip the Ceylon head and I shared it here in the avatars section.
Note that if you use this head, it takes some setup to get working correctly with the demo HUD and scripts, so I consider it a more advanced item to be uploading.

If anyone is able to rip the other heads (especially with the new ears since I didn't get them for ceylon), please post them!
I noticed the new UVmapping on the new Lelutka heads as well. It's still on my desktop, dam I don't want to have to remap heads for the system textures but will if I have to.
Very soon Lelutka will update Evolution heads to Lelutka Evo X. And Lily gift head too.
It is on Facebook
[Image: wl9mwV5l.jpg]
Lelutka updates have begun, Evolution Classic heads have now been updated to EVO X 3.1
Today, on June 30th at 9am SLT LeLutka will send updates to all Fleur, Lilly and Ryn owners.


[Image: jU2Lsor.jpg]

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