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:waves to the community
I am glad to have got an invitation to CopyBotClub. This is like being a pioneer - a fine and shiny new forum to help fill, also to be able to follow this forum from the start and watch it develop.

This looks and feels like a great place to be.

A little about me?
I have been in Second Life for many years, but not that much recently. I have many older items, since i never deleted anything. I read about bakes on mesh as something the Lab is working on, and I hope my old stuff can be used.
I never created anything in SL, except from rezzing a cube. Maybe by accident!
Looking forward to get to know you all.
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Welcome Sharene Heart

It's good to have you with us!

Any doubts at such an early stage or anything you need assistance with, please do not hesitate!

Welcome to CBC 
showbis Cool
Thank you for the welcome Smile 
--- oh, you got a thank you button! pressed it. lol

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