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SL on iOS and Android = Bulshit
I was sailing on some metaverse blogs
and bumped into a *coughs* news that LL is hiring

Now get this they want to hire ONE senior engineer to develop it
is this even a joke.

If memory does not betray me, when they fired most of their staff back in the days
they also said that was one of the reasons. To build a mobile version of SL.

Big Grin  You fire people to develop products Big Grin

So now they hire ONE PERSON to do it, this is great news for all of us
maybe in 2050 we can have it running on mobile.

On that one they also say it will be ran in AWS … guess what
they are not yet satisfied with the fortune they charge for land the increase in MP comissions
now we will have it on the cloud.

This is the job description for Superman
Does this mean they will fire more people next, like they did in the past
or is this a actual joke, a one man job to develop a mobile version of SL

I think on simple things like bandwith, screen resolutions mobile devices hav
and how laggy this can be with the overly complex meshes because most of the creators don't even care for complexity.

Do you believe this bulshit?

For me it's the same old same old, while you get entertained with these PR stunts
you don't look closely on how for years they steal from you every way possible (Upload fees; Comissions on MP, Land Prices and also the exclusive deal with paypal)

Nice one LL you guys beat Pinoquio's nose by a mile
postbit slot
What exclusive deal did SL have with PayPal?

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