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llSay(0, "Hello, copybot.club!");

First, I would like to say thank you very much for the invite, I am very excited about this forum
I hope this forum will grow and develop very well, with a lot of nice and good people who
respect each other and shares, for sure we got the right management for a great start.

About myself, I like to keep it short and strong, been in SL for over a decade, with years of not being online in between,
the last years on and off learning to build and script, this forum will be one of my motivation to keep
going on with scripting and sharing 

To all the devs, a big applause to you all and my sincere respect for the creation of this forum, a very good job accomplished

postbit slot
It's so good to read that SphinxRa

makes all the sleepless night fighting with code, graphics, how to… structure… forum map etc etc etc worth it

You have been there since the get-go, and one that always believed in this
Thank you so very much for the help you gave us doing the script section

Blame Spider-Girl for telling me about you

Copybot.club it's your house Exclamation

I can imagine the sleepless nights yes, but it was all worth it I see  Wink

And no problem even it was a little thing compared to what you all accomplished,
glad I could help anyway Cool

Hehe I am glad I met Spider-Girl somewhere in Forum A   Wink
I excuse in advance if I misspell your name! I heard a lot of good about you, and glad to be able to welcome you to CBC.


keeps practicing
SphiinxRa, Sphinxra, Sphinx-Ra !

Idea Sphinx-Ra


Hehe you will not be the first to misspell it Wink

Good to hear that and that's the same thing i hear about you, thank you for the warm welcome Smile

Idea Job accomplished, that's an A+

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