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Hi There
Hi  all here 
Thanks for the invite 
a little about myself
I don't seem to have a lot of time lately and seem to have lost the hunger for SL related things lately 
but I am sure I get back into things  very soon as  and when I get more tired.
Myself I am not into collecting objects as much as   I am  with the  tech side of things 
and  doing  maybe the unusual side of things as in scripting and building things  that are different mostly  utilities that will
allow me to things that  others would never think of  making ie: my last project on sl was to write a recorder that would allow me to track and record  movements
in objects or  my avatar this allows me to rip off  things like  amusement park rides  ie: rollercosters,roundabouts, twisters and anything that moves, record those movements and  recreate the ride with the scripts  to made object  work. 
some of you will know  I have wrote a  program that allows me to copy a sim to  oar file ( not  scripts sadly) this works  for all (as far as I know ) sl sims and for  most open sims.
these  oars will then allow you to put them into a local opensim or upload them to whatever. I have  other utilities   that I knocked up to do things like  allowing you to import these  oars into local server and still see the creators names ect: anyway  this has been my passion in the past  but   my coding is old school  and embarrassing so I wont  give  it out   but would happy  help  out any c# programmer  with all the steps needed to write  a polished version. I am  getting a little  brain dead  lately now I am 67 years old (i learnt  my version of  programming in .net to  achieve  this project so my code is sloppy.
anyway If I can help anyone  I will try my best as time permits   also if anyone  really wants an oar  file  IM me I am sure I will find  time as 
I  still have plans to improve my sim to oar program (needs a rewrite really) and have a few other projects in mind soon as time permits
anyway I am always pleased to help and looking for new ideas. 
enough of my  rambling 
 and say HI again and wish this board the best and prays it will top all overs in its field 

postbit slot

let me start by giving you a warm welcome to copybot.club Exclamation

I am one of those who silently watched your very skilled work, and I think people get better with age just like Port Wine does Tongue

Our kinda disruptive idea is to put trusted people in circles where they excel so that projects can be made.

One of the things I like more about you it is the 'out of the box' ideas you always had to do things
You have an unconventional way to do things and make them work.
I am sure you with other developers can achieve great things and produce great tools and apps

Thank you for your wishes. All of us have been working hard not to disappoint everyone who has put their trust in us.

It's a real pleasure to have you here!
Welcome to your new home my friend

showbis Cool
glad to see you here as well and great to read your introduction. 

Its a good read. 

welcome.  Smile



Bogwoppet welcome on board Smile
[Image: hh0Frdf.png]

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