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Let's Get This Party Started!
I managed to find my way in. Thanks Showbis. It's great to see some familiar names. I'm excited about a vibrant and active copybot community. I'll be glad to do what I can to help that happen and I know we'll have fun on the way.
postbit slot
It's good to have a redhead on board and surely we all want you on this team
the idea is exactly that, do something more relevant in and for the community

Be welcomed; it's your house!
We are very happy for the trust you have deposited in this brand new crazy idea of doing a copybot forum where people will be heard, for a change.

Please get acquainted and test everything up, tell us what you think

Welcome to the team
showbis Cool
Yoo Dina welcome Homie  Cool
Great to see when you are online CBC.

Welcome to the team.


Hi Dina-Myte, welcome and nice to meet you Cool

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