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Hello all!! good morning ,  good night.
postbit slot
Oh my people are inspired today
following the Jurassic period meaning Tyrannosaurus rex (means "tyrant lizard king"),
in this case tiranodogusrex has a dog now…hmmmm and it bites for sure Tongue

Names aside, welcome to the copybout.club,
we are happy to have you here!

Please make sure to check the copybot club guide
there you may find most of the information you need to get started
from 3 copybot viewers, to tools to make your life easier like MeshesSL and others
you can also find tutorials on how to use it and be safe

Check also the forum rules, how to post, what are ranking and what access do you have in each one of them
here  some forums open as you go along, meanwhile you have the time to learn how to do things
If by any chance you need help just ask for it, someone on the communitty will help

I hope you like to be on CBC
showbis Cool
hello - welcome to the club! 

Great that you found us.



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