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Hi, I am Miau (or an undercover cat, as you want)  Shy  
I am new in this forum, but not to copybotting, but I had a break for 2 years. So, I have to learn more with "BOM" and everything, lol.
If I do any mistakes, please correct me, but don't bully me. I'm sensitive at tears. Thanks  Heart
postbit slot
Hahahah this is neat a undercover cat ... how cute.
Welcome home then Miau, if you need any help just
shout. I will add here a link for you to read there you 
can see the philosophy of this home and how it is running.

Again welcome home Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Welcome to the club sensitive cat Wink
Don't need to worry we aren't bullies

Please read the guide on the top bar in the index page
and if you have doubts just ask for help

showbis Cool

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