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Rolleyes Hi there!
I come from the old forum. Nice to meet yo all, i see the CopyBotClub CBC too
Not new to this, many years in old forum
postbit slot
hello Smile

which old forum?  -  Wink

I know which you are thinking of, but CBC has nothing to do with that forum, only that you probably will see some familiar names, - just as you spotted the CopyBotClub CBC! 

CBC started as an idea in 2017 and now we are a growing active community, still growing strong.

Happy to welcome you.


Yes, i mean that Big Grin i see familiar names Wink Ty for you welcome
Heyyyyyyyyyy welcome home finally Smile.
Here you will find many familiar names sweetie.
If you need any help give us a shout.

~ hugzzzzzzzzzzz ~

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hi Softly,

welcome to a place of familiar names with the best organization you may find!

I hope you like it here

showbis Cool

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