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Very Happy Girl
I too will introduce myself

English is not my native language

My CBC name is Spider Girl

My SL name is ..bleeeb ... ... bleeeb ...
I have been active in SL for more than 10 years
I was lucky that after 2 months in SL I met some good people
a friend has taught me the principles of building with prims
soon I went my own way and started to make nice and beautiful things
I started selling them in my own store
and then my friend came to ask me how I had made some of my creations
then it was the student who taught the teacher
I have read a lot on the internet and learned more and more about copying
came into contact with Neil's viewers and started to enjoy ripping more and more
after he stopped I found Orange Thirsty Pioneers with their Thirsty viewer
unfortunately they did not last long either Thanks to CDS
I had read about Forum A and goonsquad before and thought I would check it out
goonsquad was messed up most of the time
then go and look at Forum A
there it was a lot better, in the beginning it went well there, and I became VIP
but after a while it became less and less
I saw more advertising than messages and that began to iritate me
went to use an adblocker, went well for a long time but then came the adblocker blocker
and I was again flooded with advertisements which reduced my pleasure considerably
now I knew that Forum A was not for the users but for advertising revenue
and when the headmod did not run away but ran away I was done with it
I wanted something else but what ?
without knowing it, 2 other people ( Showbis and C.nails ) had already started a project
I received mails from them asking me if I wanted to join,
I did not have to think about that for long
and I boarded the CBC boat and together with the 2 founders we completed the forum
I'm glad they asked me and I'm sure it will be a success,
CBC is users for users and not users for advertising revenue

I am Spider Girl and you can ask me anything, I will help you as best as I can.

btw the pin code of my bank card is 0000
Now you do not have to ask that anymore.
[Image: hh0Frdf.png]
postbit slot
All I can say is You were a pioneer and a natural choice to join! 

We had quite an infrastructure by then - > a private chatroom  Big Grin
oh yes good'ol e-mails back and forth

All the talks we had, the notes we've taken, the many times we all agreed to disagree
But we always found better solutions!

Your help in the forum sitemap was impressive and your support in many other ways
I am so glad to have gained a new friend and I admire you
You are an extremely competent manager/moderator/member… you name it! 

It's is a pleasure to work with you, that is why Spider Girl has powers!
Now go blame C.Nails  Tongue

showbis Cool

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