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Greetings from good old Oldie
Hi there,

I am Old News, a lurker that sometimes shares things. I was already a VIP at the other forum, that went down apparently. I travel for work in real life so I don't check in every day. If anything happened, I could not know.

I have an interesting share waiting but I can't access the other forum nor view this one, once this situation normalizes I'll be able to make a share or many.

And of course do what I do best... keep lurking and loving on people!
postbit slot
you do have access to some forums and subforums here. Some are restricted to specific usergroups. 

One of the subforums you have access to, is the sandbox, which is where you make your first shares. 

Since we have no vip, there is no way of lurking at CBC. We are a sharing community. 

I will recommend you go through this link - Guide ; everything is explained there, in brief.  

Glad that you found us, 




Heya you made it finally Smile.
Welcome to the better side of copybot and its amazing board.
Take your time and read and share and read again Tongue.

~ smiles ~

the CopyBotClub CBC
Old News

welcome to the club
I hope you can contribute to the community
You can do it in many ways, from shares to making tutorials or other knowledge you may have

VIP memberships was something we decided not to have
that goes against our vision of what copybot and being in a community is.

Regarding shares and while you are on that user group please use the sandbox subforum

showbis Cool
Thank you all for the warm welcome Exclamation

By now I have read everything, etc. I mostly lurk because I enjoy the discussions. Without explaining much of my real life, (this isn't what this board is for), I have a job that requires much of my time traveling and, yes, offline (it still exists) and I also have children.

So when I am traveling and working, I am too tired to even check emails so I go to sleep, or I don't have time to the whole process of logging in SL from laptop, steal borrow something, "clean it up" and then post - find a mediafire or something, zip, put there, find a photo, upload somewhere. It's not something you do in 15 minutes if you want to do it right. So, I can't do from work. READING the forum from phone, put in a short reply and stuff? That I can do.

I go home for a couple days each two weeks. And when I am home .....kids. Kids on the annoying curious demanding age. After the second day home I am so tired I just want to go BACK to work already. They don't let me read an online newspaper let alone copybot, which I do only after 2AM my time during these days.

This is why my shares aren't exactly "regular".

OF COURSE I understand a sharing community. But I also grew very fond of nice people here. You anonymous people, whom I am fan and follower for more than 5 years now. So even if I am a lurker please don't kick me out. Angel

I'll still try to raise ranks and do a share or two per month to keep it.

I'm not very good at tutorials but I am a bug sniffer, so I hope that this counts as "informative" too.

Well to sniff BUGs also takes time hun, maybe one bug less and therefore a share?
It is just an idea of course you have to do what fits your time schedule, as we all do Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC

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