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Thanks very much for the invite back to, apparently, the original CB webby!  I used to have about 15 good ratings/shares from the other place (was there about 5 years or so).  I would like to share the stuff I did there, on here, but I do not have access yet --Shall I just post to the sandbox then and work my way back up again?
postbit slot
Hey you welcome home Smile.
Yes go ahead and post in the sandbox this is where
all first shares are made. Here is a link for you with
much useful info as well as how to do a share too Smile.
Please note CBC has nothing in common with the 
"other" forum. You might see many familíar
names since many decided to join this forum to
make it to their home Smile.

~ smiles ~

the CopyBotClub CBC
Swifty be welcomed at the Copybot club
like the CopyBotClub CBC told you we have nothing to do with that forum
in a past long gone many of us were members there some even more, from VIPs to Team Members
but I can only talk by myself, that for me the copybot forum you mention became toxic and if once we were a community there, it was lost
That was why CBC was done, to make it a real community where there are no VIPs and where we try to embody the true spirit of copybot

If you are a team player and like to be within a close forum family where even the admin is the same as anybody
then you are in the right place

Regarding your shares, please make them on Sandbox and they will be reviewed,
this will be also a great opportunity for you to see how better organized we are

In case you have any doubt please post a thread and there is usually someone within the community that helps you out

showbis Cool
I have moved your shares out of the sandbox. You left a remark on a share,  that let me think you are not going to return.  In case you are anyway, and look for your shares, they are in the Second life forum.



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