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Hey, I was a long time user of the old (seems like the old forum name is censored lol) forum, just migrated here after hearing they shut down permanently. It sucks all the content I shared are now lost... wish there's some way to migrate all posts from that forum here.
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since we are not associated with that forum, nothing can be migrated. 

Think of this a fresh start!  

Welcome to CBC , I do hope you will like it here. 



Yes many of us came from the forum in question and it isn't censored… it is not to be mentioned because we are over it for years now
and we are not into the work of resurrecting the dead.

The copybot club exists in an invitation-only setting since 2017 and publicly since 2019 so as you can see we made our own path
with a better working forum, faster, and with every functionality working, but our main asset is how well organized we truly are.
In the subject of well-organized nobody beats us and it is our family of members who help us out daily.

We believe we are the Copybot forum of today and the growth numbers explain why we are beyond all that still survives
banking on their members…we do not have VIPs here nor do we want them.

So come closer and help us and be helped because that is the way to go, and the more you share the more you have access to!

Let's do this
showbis Cool
I remember you darlinnnnnnnnnnn,
good to see you back home with your family.

the CopyBotClub CBC

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