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hi everyone
hi all, well i stumble upon this very late, it was my lady who needed a tattoo but after trying everything they cudn't make it work and well then i went researching and found this, we never looked back, hope to make few friends here Smile and learn something new Big Grin.
postbit slot

"stumble upon this very late"  you say. 

By "this" you mean copybotting?  

If that is assumed correctly, you are the right place. 

Welcome to the Copybot.club. 



Heyyyyyyyyyyy Smile.
A sweet way to find us and even sweeter you decided to stay.
We have many tattoos and i am sure your lady will have a blast Smile.
Important is you guys read this here User Guide to get an idea
on how this board is running and its phylosophy. If you need any
help just shout Smile.

Welcome home  Heart .

the CopyBotClub CBC

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