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Hi hi.... Its me .:Echo:.
Some may remember me when I was active 500 years ago at kinggoon.   Others.. oh well...

I followed the CopyBotClub CBC's invites to hers then here.    What can I say I just do what i'm told.

For places like this I'm mostly a coder.  I do my own mods to viewers, (but a very limited subset of 'copybot' features)   I've contributed via source code diffs from firestorm (currently i'm 1 release version behind), never compiled versions.   I also contributed an  lsl obfuscator and various ID cleaners (xml, jp2, others).

Currently very RL busy, prolly like everyone else

postbit slot
~ hugz and swirly ya around ~
It is so good to read you Smile.
Welcome home sunshine.

the CopyBotClub CBC
welcome echo - 

i am 500 + year old and remember you. 

Glad to welcome you at CBC 




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