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Hi there!
Hi, I'm a scriptwriter. I spend most of my time in the sandbox, trying something new. Thank you for the opportunity to be in your team of freedom-loving people.
postbit slot
welcome to the club 



Lets see what you script Smile I have *name of someody not related to CBC* knowledge and i mean
*name of someody not related to CBC*, nada, njente, nix .... oh moment .... if they are not modify
they are not copyable. Maybe you are able to teach us, me too
of course, more about it.
Welcome home Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hi everybody.
I have been engaged in Web development for many years. Therefore, I easily learned the script language in Second Life. Now I'm trying different things in sandboxes. But while I'm getting used to it, I would really like to get access to the resources of this forum. I would be able to get materials for testing and a better understanding of the mechanics of SecondLife. And it would also make life easier for myself, there's no need to hide it.
Hi there

Welcome to CBC - the copybot club. 

We are a community based on sharing - both items and knowledge. 
Also we use usergroups in order to get more access to more of the forum. But read more about that in the Guide. 

I do hope this community would be something for you even though you dont just get access right away by asking nicely, but have to make an effort in order to see more of our forum. 

I think its time to give you the link to the Guide -- https://forum.copybot.club/Forum-Guide-how-to-use-CBC

Have a lovely day. 

EDIT 15 01 2023 merged the two intro threads from the same member.



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