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I'm new here.
I'm coming from the old dead copybot forum. I hope i can help and participate a lot here!
postbit slot
welcome to CBC - and not at all related to the forum you talk about. 

You will find some familiar names though. 

CBC started as an idea in 2017 and look at us now Smile

I am glad you found us.


this post to inform you that your share has been moved from the sandbox to second life forum. 

This happens

1) when you have shared your way to the next user group.
2) when the share(s) has been in the sandbox for a couple of months. It will then be moved even though the contributor didn't get to the next user group. 

If you haven't already, you might want to read more about how the sandbox works, by reading the guide
In the guide, you will also find links for finding out more about the forum you signed up to.



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