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New mesh bodies are coming (Slink, eBODY... Belleza?)
Siddean Munro, the Owner of Slink, is coming out with a new body. "Cinnamon Thai" - This seems to be the name of the new project - has already a second life group and some teasers on Munro's Flickr.

Even eBODY is releasing a new product. Their next product seems to be named "Reborn", and there is already an application for creators and designers. In this case the teasers are on Facebook and Discord.

According to Nicole Ferguson (aka knows as Sydd Sinister in SL) there are rumors about a new body from Belleza too, but I don't know from where her sources come from.

Even if actually the mesh bodies market seems to be saturated, it seems that the less mainstream brands want to try a revival with a new product, hoping to reach a result similar to the one reached by Inithium's Kupra.

What do you think it will happen with these new bodies?
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It will depend on how many clothing creators are willing to create for them.

The likes of Maitreya were smart, they stuck with the one body, Slink will probably do well with a Thai body, as they had a standard, then a curvy, and their bodies are separate to hands, feet & head, so more likely to get users just buying new body and maybe head, or maybe just head, and have to say for BoM I found slinks new system absolutely flawless especially for layer alphas.

I think the other mesh body creators may really struggle unless they come out with something that's totally unique.

Time will tell I guess.

Cool Big Grin Tongue

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