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Hello everyone, I am new here.

I was in a different forum, I will try to collaborate in the forum with interesting contributions. 
Thank you Tongue
postbit slot
Welcome to CBC 

I am looking forward to see which interesting contributions you will add! Smile

but first, make sure to read the guidelines

Glad you found us. 



So you found us huh? Smile.
Good to have you on board.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hello, my name is Alessandro, I'm new here.

I used to use another forum before, I hope i can be useful for the forum and maybe help in some ways. 
Nice to meet you all!  Tongue
Welcome Alessandro on a high class forum with amazing members and even
more amazing informations and/or shares in every kind of form SL related Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hi allesandro4-4

Welcome to the copybot club!

It is good to see a member that came from another forum. Most of us also did that, I know I did!!!
My grandma used to say when something stops working for you, do your own thing! That is why we joined forces to make the copybot.club

We spent way too much time feeding another copybot forum only to find out that the reason behind it was just greed!
Here you will find that what counts is participation and helping others, we don't have VIP's or leechers. We pride ourselves on what we have and how organized we are… we work our asses off but we do it for the copybot community

We hope you find the Copybot club to be the right place for you.

Welcome to the family!

showbis Cool
merged your introduction threads.



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