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hey im new here
postbit slot
Hey there prettiicy

Exclamation  Welcome to the Copybot club Exclamation

Please take some time to go over the guide with links we provide on the top of the index page [The Lime Green Box],
there you will find the essential information you need to know about the club.

We have the latest copybot viewers
from Wish you have the newest Darkstorm viewer version 6.2.0 and he made us a extended club edition
Benjamin's Club64 viewer
you have also .Flagg.'s Revelator viewer build 7610 [this one is based on singularity and is lighter than the firestorm based viewers]

All the copybot viewers are accessible to every user group within the club so get yours! Wink

We also have tools to help you rip, rig and so much more!

If you are new to copybot check the tutorials that the family did
in this case…read read and read

While you are at this usergroup you will have limited access to many forum parts
but even so you have all the Orientation island with items inside the sandbox
the reason why this happens is to keep leechers out and let new users learn how to do new threads the right way
for that you count with our help

I hope you find yourself at home

showbis Cool
I  am simply leaving a "welcome to the club" , new one. 



Then i am old here Smile.
Welcome home Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC

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