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Hello all
Hello everyone

I am so happy to find such a good place to learn new things
about SL 
postbit slot
Hello stormheart

Welcome to the Copybot Club!

You are right when you say "to learn new things about SL" this isn't a place like many think just to copybot second life
even that has several meanings! I, for instance, use it to backup all my items and export them to my local Open Sim server
Others do it to learn and for the fun… because it is better to be a pirate than to join the navy. Wink

One thing we do not encourage, in fact, we chase those who use copybot to open CB Stores and by doing so damage the creators.

So you can say we are not the evil you read about on Second Life Forums at best we are the perfect scapegoat for everything else!

Many of us learn how things are made by opening files and checking textures, models, rigs, etc

We never disclose our identities or meet inworld but we know we have store owners who use a copybot viewer all the time or that have learned how things were done here.

Get your copybot viewer and you have three choices available to you and read, read, read… once you start and you focus on learning there's no stopping you!

You are right… from how to copybot to how to take down to pieces any item and understand how things work
each of us with different goals but we all make a very united family!

I hope you like it here and join us!!!
If we can help in any way please do not hesitate and ask.

showbis Cool
Welcome to the Club, if you need
any help give us a shout Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC

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