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Hi all)
My name is Adora and I'm new here. My native language is Russian, but even with a little knowledge of English, I hope to learn something useful here.
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Good morning Adora,
we are international here.
Welcome to the club Smile.
Ask away if you need any help Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hey there Adora,
we have a few Russian members in the copybot family Wink

The best way perhaps is to use google translate and let it translate the forum for you, it all comes down to the level of English you have
but it is also nice to improve English and the forum helps with that!

We have many tutorials and a great family of members that are very experienced with copybot and always help out other members that contribute to the forum.

To start please grab your copybot viewer! Darkstorm, Club64, or Revelator it is up to you to find what viewer serves you best!
We also have the tools to speed up copybot second life items for your archival or use on Open Sim

We are here for whatever you may need!

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