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Hello and good tidings to all.
Thought it about time I posted a Hello here. Been around for a long time in SL and actually have an original prospectus of early Linden Lab idea of virtual worlds. Who would have ever thought?  I will try to get more active in order to keep off the ban list for no shares. Always a warm shout out to the CopyBotClub CBC.
postbit slot
Welcome home then huni Smile.
Good you want to get active, this is always welcome.
If you need any help let us know.

the CopyBotClub CBC
The prospectus of early linden lab?? then you have been around for a long time in SL for sure.  A lot of changes you have been witnessing. 

welcome to CBC,  the copybot club. I am glad you have chosen to get more active. 




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