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Hiii :3

(06-03-2021, 08:08 AM)leiresa Wrote: Hiii :3 miau
postbit slot

translated that means:

Welcome to CBC. 

glad you made it here, and looking forward to what you are going to add to the forum. 

Welcome to the club Leiresa

it is a pleasure of meeting a <3 Wink
tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado

the CopyBotClub CBC
hi my name is leiresa and I'm excited to belong to this site.
hi - again

I have merged your new intro with the one you made a while back. 

I am still excited about to see what you are bringing to CBC 

Hello, my name is Leiresa, I'm happy to found the community!
Hello (again)  Leiresa!  

I am glad you found the forum, quite a while back.  - and have merged your most recent introduction with the last ones you made. 

And now you have made your introduction, which is making me happy to see as well.  The first steps to make yourself familiar to the community, the copybot club have been made! 

Signing up. 
Making introduction. 

In this greeting of you, I am going to add a bit more information , hoping to help you move from making introductions to participate. 

Next will be to find yourself a copybot viewer.  We got a few made for CBC.  If you are familiar with Firestorm in second life and the use of it, we got a CBC copybot viewer based on it. Named Darkstorm. 
Find more in the forum titled Viewer & Tools - Basic Set . Subforum is Viewers and startup tools. 

There are more help to find in our Guide - it will tell you how you can proceed and gain more access to CBC forum. 

If you are interested in Second Life items, Tools and knowledge? then do read more in the guide.  
Guide - how to use CBC  is found in the forum named: Guide and sandbox.  

I hope to see you on the forum. 


- on behalf of the admin team at CBC 

Edited after having merged previous introductions

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