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Ahoy matey
Good day,

I just joined and I'd like to say hello to me fellow booty plunderers.
postbit slot
I am not familiar with any pirate language

Im freewheling on this one :


Avast ye . Booty?  it is our guide!
To avoid blowing men down, its the best to read all of it, or fish will be fed. Dont Hang the jib. If you read it, you will soon get out of the scallywag role. 

Weigh Anchor and hoist the mizzen! 

Welcome to CBC, the copybot club.
Ahoy there gentleman o' fortune,
we ye be welcome ye to the copybot.club

look at the rules an' tutorials an' come with us sailin' until ye can become a Cap'n

ice to 'ave you 'ere

showbis Cool
Welcoem to the fmaily Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC

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