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Ahoy mateys
Hey everyone! Don't mind the name, it's an old Starcraft meme  My

I've already started contributing on the sandbox, but I wouldn't mind any tips you guys have for avoiding getting into trouble (I've run into personalized ID numbers on a number of products in the past which have to be scrubbed before sharing)

Have a great day!
postbit slot
Good morning to you Smile.
Here are some useful links for you hun,
read and read more and don't hesitate to ask for help.
We have several tools to help you to keep your ID a secret.

Welcome home Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
any tips ? 

in the past it was necessary with a scrubber, or at least manually remove your SLid. Which is to be preferred so you know where to find that kind of information. 

The automated process isnt always the best, makes us lazy! 

- among links in the Guide, which the CopyBotClub CBC refers to, you will find help on where to find those SLid's

Using most recent viewers you dont have to be afraid of SLid's showing in shares.  It doesnt harm to check though, before sharing. 

Welcome to CBC 


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