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Fake Emails are getting rejected by SL, can't create mass alts
I used to create alts with fake emails on SL, but now when I create a alt, most fake email domains will get rejected by SL.
This maybe the last days you can still make a alt without registering a email.
postbit slot
I moved your post from the sandbox to here. 

in this blog - from 2017  - talks about verification of email addresses.  Is that what you are talking about?

C.Nails is right and you should follow the info on the blog.

It can come from a simple email verification
to have a list of disposable emails they do not accept.

So you may ask…
how can I do it to bypass that:

1. email providers like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Proton Mail, etc etc (we can even do a list of those) are for sure not in their blacklists

2. when you register for an account for a main or alt avatar, LL can get details like your IP and if that IP matches another account IP they can block it
they also can get other analytics detail but browser type, size of screen etc doesn't mean anything.

So the solution is an email that can pass the blacklist, delete history, cache, cookies etc
with a VPN you change from country to country

So it can be
Avatar 1: account gmail - IP Switzerland - > confirm the email registration link -> delete history, cache, cookies etc
Avatar 2: account ProtonMail - IP France - > confirm the email registration link -> delete history, cache, cookies etc
Avatar 3: Account hotmail - IP UK - > confirm the email registration link -> delete history, cache, cookies etc
and so on…

This way they will have no way to refuse any registration and will assume they are all legit

We have been meaning to make a few articles on VPNs to help out
even because when you log on with a CB viewer it can change the mac address and the ID0 and it should be with a different IP if you log with an ALT

This has nothing illegal, you do not have to say to LL where you exactly live do you… and there is also nothing in the ToS that forbids the use of a free email service and a VPN

I hope both the link Nails gave you and this will help you out

showbis Cool
@nails that is regular email verification, this problem is different, they are blacklisting fake email domains.

@showbis regular email works, but it has disadvantages it requires you to fill in a form, use captcha and do phone verification (which get permanently blocked after a couple of verifications) and also some regular emails don't like VPN (yandex for example).

With fake email addresses you just click a button and you have a new email address with a random domain, fully auto-generated.
Example here: https://temp-mail.org/ (Click delete and it will generate a new email address).

People use fake emails as a alternative to regular email. Regular email will always work just never as quickly as fake emails.
So I'm afraid this problem doesn't have a solution, I just came to make people aware that SL is blacklisting email domains.
I don't think these will ask for phone numbers and the name of all of your siblings Big Grin


You can have all the accounts under an email provider that doesn't have issues with you using a VPN upon registration

The trick is always the same…
Email created->Register your ALT->Confirm the email registration on the same browser (make a new tab and copy the link of the email)
Clear all cookies and history from that browser->Change country in the VPN
and the same process until you have the email accounts you need

How would I do it:
  • Avatar 01 name
  • email
  • country
  • Login spoof:
  • Mac Address
  • Id0
Every time I would use Avatar 01
I would turn on VPN in that country I chose
with the exact same Mac Address and Id0 on the Copybot Viewer

In case you are not using the best practices,
I would advise you to read https://forum.copybot.club/Forum-Safety-inworld

I hope it helped

showbis Cool
I know how regular email works, I know all the tricks. But it's not the solution for the problem, which is the fast creation of alts.
I am talking about 100+ alts, not 2 or 3 alts, here and there.

This problem has no solution. To explain it better:
You could transport passengers from anywhere to their destination using a car, but sometimes you need bus for the job.
A car can never replace a bus. And that's the problem. We need a bus, not a car.

But I appreciate your help, it may help other people along the way. I'll let you know, if we find a solution.

Thank you,

I recently was trying to make a new account for a bot and found that my new proton email address i created wouldn't be accepted by the secondlife registration form.
However, I was able to create an account with yandex that didn't need a 2FA / verification source.
So that option exists, you can use their english site yandex.com or if you prefer russian yandex.ru
Try https://inboxkitten.com

It tends to work where most disposables don't

This is quite a good free vpn too, not anonymous aka they keep logs, but it got for changing locations.

Good luck with what you're trying to do.
Hi thanks xXravenXx,

inboxkitten is a good solution, it's also nice to see it's opensource.
I actually came to tell that I had a similar idea, to create a opensource disposable mail service based on PHP.

That anyone can host on their own domain. In combination with the "30 day money back" guarantee this should be a cheap and easy solution. Allowing us to mass generate emails with just a single click.

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