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Just found the site, great to be here!
postbit slot
It is great to have you here, greetings back! 

Finding our site, must be like hitting gold Tongue 

I would like you to get familiar with CBC the cobybot.club. 

We have made a Guide which will lead you through what it takes to be a member at our community. And what you can expect from being here. 

If you follow the guide, you will be led to finding Copybot Viewers, such as Darkstorm and Revelator. 
Several guides, both for CBC and for  Copybot viewers, tools, how to's 

I will link you to the Guide 

and leave you to getting familiar with the community you signed up to be a member of. 

See you on the forum ? 
- I hope we do. 


Pleasure to meet you Big Grin

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