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hello all its been a while and im ack and ready to learn and see what the site has to offer
postbit slot
Good to read you hun Smile.
Welcome home Smile. Have a read here and ask if you need help Smile.

~ hugz ~

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hi slim,

please feel welcome at the copybot.club!

We have many many things to offer but before anything, you have to go and read how it works, what are user groups and how to rank up to see other forums open for you. This entry-level user group is meant for you to learn how to do things here and how to copybot also.
The access to the best things is immediate, like copybot viewers, tools, tutorials, and how to make threads and what can you expect of us, what are our values and what do we expect from our new members… we do not expect any paid subscription because we are a free forum!

We also have members always willing to help! If you need don't hesitate to ask.

showbis Cool

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