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New to all of this so please bare with me.
postbit slot
We bare with you if you bare with us too Smile.
Have a look at the link i gave you, this helps you to understand how CBC is running
and its philosophy ... if you need any help just shout.
Welcome home Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Yeah the CopyBotClub CBC is right
we are a cool bunch when people also help us
one hand washes the other and both wash the face… it is kinda like this
We are here to help out and start you on your copybot journey,
it is ok to make mistakes at first basically everybody did them too

So if you need any assistance just say

Welcome to the copybot.club

showbis Cool
what the night owls above said - 


welcome to the forum.

EDIT to add

do read the links you have been given. 
I am about to delete a thank you post of yours. 
use the thank you button instead.

if you wonder where your shares are, they have been moved to the Second life forum. 
Normally sandbox shares doesnt get moved before OP has reached the usergroup which have access to Second Life forum. Then the threads can be followed by OP. 
When shares have been in the sandbox for  a couple of months,  they get moved. Regardless of OP is able to follow their share or not.

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