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Happy to be here
postbit slot
Glad to have you here. 

Hey there Troubleman,

welcome to the copybot.club
Please check our guide that leads to many important places
read the rules and how to post, also what are user groups and how to rank up, and what access do you gain at each  level
Please choose one of our exclusive Copybot Viewers and tutorials on how to use them, be safe, and also how to do your rip backups

We are here for anything you may need help with
meanwhile please post onto sandbox this way you will learn how to do it with our assistance
and get to know how the club works

I hope you like it here

showbis Cool
Hereee come trouble yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.
Now i am no longer the only one who got blamed for trouble Tongue.
Welcome to the Club.

the CopyBotClub CBC

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