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Big Grin 
Hello all. Just found this site and I am excited to be part of it. Big Grin I will make sure to read and re read. (I read that somewhere) Tongue
postbit slot
Hahahhahaha yes reading is a big part of being here Smile.
Welcome home.

the CopyBotClub CBC
glad you found us 

* C.Nails nods,

reading is important in order to avoid my comments on shares Smile

I see you managed that sofar! 

welcome to CBC
We are also here in case you need any help
but yes you have to read a bit

Take a deep breath and jump right into it

showbis Cool
Today your shares have been moved from the sandbox to the Second Life forum. 

Normally that only happens when you have made it into the next usergroup, so you are able to follow any feedback or questions which might be asked. 
But after a couple of month in the sandbox, shares will be moved, even though OP hasnt reached to the next usergroup yet. 

This is just as a notice in case you wonder where your shares are now.

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