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Wow.. I was a lil bit lost but finally found some familiar names here Smile  Once I was known as Loola. I'm a female, lil bit shy. My english isn't that good but I hope we can communicate and share good contents! ♥
postbit slot
It is so great to see you back in the arms of the family Smile.
Here are some helpful information for you, feel free to ask Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
A belated welcome! 

and some info:

this post to inform you that some of your older shares has been moved from the sandbox to second life forum. 

This happens

1) when you have shared your way to the next user group.
2) when the share(s) has been in the sandbox for a couple of months. It will then be moved even though the contributor didn't get to the next user group. 

These are the shares which have been moved.
Just so you avoid double posting 


Thanks for the shares sofarSmile

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