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Hello everybody,
former SweetGirl, now Pilver, female and crazy...
postbit slot
welcome to CBC, Pilver

Welcome back home Pilver Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hello everyone,
maybe someone already know me as SweetGirl in another forum.
I'm here...
Hi Pilver and welcome to the copybot.club! Smile

Our forum is unlike the others, even the one we were in long long ago,
we created CBC to be a better-organized forum and where people don't buy their access to things
that is one of the differences. There are no VIPs here, all members are the same!

We also proud ourselves to have built the best-organized forum EVER Rolleyes
that is why the first user group has some limitations, these are in place in order for you to learn how to make a thread the right way, why you may ask?
Because when you'll get access to search you will find it and it won't be like any other where everything is a mess!

Sandbox will be the place to share and also see some other member shares and understand by the admins and other community member comments what you should add or what it is missing. Once you go over the 15 posts you will already know how to do things, and then it is just a question of putting them on the right subforums.

Also we have tutorials in place to help you, a strong community for when you are stuck at something, and free copybot viewers
You can have the Revelator copybot viewer that is a bit older but very light and does some things better or the latest Darkstorm Viewer 6.2 that was updated with exclusive features Wish did for the club.

Right now you should start with the CBC guide we have put in place, but in case you have doubts just ask and for sure those will be answered

I hope you like it here

showbis Cool
~ smiles and nods ~
I remember you Smile good to read you darlinnnnn.
Welcome home Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
I have merged your intro threads 

welcome once more 
this post to inform you that your shares have been moved from the sandbox to the CBC second life forum. 

This happens

1) when you have shared your way to the next user group.
2) when the share(s) has been in the sandbox for a month or two . It will then be moved even though the contributor didn't get to the next user group. 

If you haven't already, you might want to read more about how the sandbox works, by reading the guide

here is what you have shared so far- then you can avoid double posting. 


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