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Hello CB.cl
Hello! I am new here. Excited about finding out some cool contents & maybe share from my archive too.

Thanks & Cheers! 

~ H.S.
postbit slot

the more you share the more cool content you will gain access to.  Read all about it in the sandbox sticky, which is a guide for how CBC works. 

welcome to you.
Sharing is caring sunshine Smile.
You and everyone else are so welcome to do so.
Looking forward to your shares and welcome to CBC.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Hand_Some welcome to the Copybot club,
like it was said before we are a forum based on merit, the more you get involved in the community the higher you and other forums open for you
We do not have any VIP passes to sell so there is only one path to follow

We are a pretty tight group of members and we are always here to helpout
so in case you need anything just say it

Please read the guide to understand how the club works and where you can get
one of the copybot viewers we have and also the tools that make everything more easy to convert

I hope you like it in here

Showbis Cool

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