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Hello all
New user, old player, just stompin around the grid trying to entertain myself and what's more entertaining than playing dress up right? This seems like a nice way to not go broke changing skins and eyeballs every week. Huzzah.
postbit slot

Welcome to CBC,
please make sure you read our guide, so that you may understand how to do things and what our rules are,
in the meanwhile you will also understand how to make a thread and what elements should them contain, this is important so that later when you need to use search the results will be the most accurate possible. We like to have our forum organized so that members can always find what they want.

Right now you are a bit more restricted to the sandbox and some other areas and that was made for you to improve your forum skills, so that when you upgrade you already know how to do things and file threads in the right place.

I hope you like what you see and we are always open to suggestions or to help out new members!

Now let's have like you say, some huzzah Big Grin

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