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Hello everyone
Hello, I'm a bit new to this, although I hope to improve here and help as much as I can.
postbit slot
We were all new at a time, Pilota, some of us just turned old(er) and more grey. 

A bit new, you say? 
I would say we got "everything" covered, new or more experienced. 

Follow our guide, which will lead you to find how to find your way at CBC the copybot club, what you can expect, and what the community members expect from you as well. 

We have a couple of copybot viewers available, Darkstorm CBC edition and Revelator. 
We have tutorials, both on how to copy items from your inventory, from Second Life and the tools to do so
We got knowledge shared, We have second life items. 

The more active you are, the more you will get access to. But more of that is described in our Guide. 

Welcome to CBC
I am looking forward to what you are going to add to our community! 

- see you on the forum? Your help offer is appreciated 


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