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Hello in the Darkside
Hello everyone at the Darkside of the Moon.. i have a favour for all that is in the Darkside..
postbit slot
~ makes the light bubble on ~
Ahhhhhhhh there you are 
~ sticks out my tongue ~
Welcome home Vol Smile.

the CopyBotClub CBC
Voluniweb, we are on the right side of the moon…some think it's dark because they wear shades Cool !

We at the copybot.club are not what people say about us, nor do we mean any harm to the creators. We just think we own what we bought and we are also entitled to make adjustments even when they make NoMod items.
Isn't it perfectly fine that I can have an Open Sim on my computer and have things to play with?!

Maybe you should read LL ToS to really see what the dark side looks like behind all that legalese talk.
Do you know they co-own your creations; that they can terminate your account for whatever reason; that if they unplug SL they will take your L$ and everything else with them…
People point fingers at us, but they chose the wrong target!

We are a light that shines in the dark and we welcome you to our Moon

showbis Cool
wow, I didn't think I had stepped in a bee's nest here.
but Ohyeah.. for every Darkside, there exists a Lightside in the opposite Direction.
Sometimes its not good to read the TOS, because the Fun will go away then.

omg and i thought i'll be gonna rich in SL..

tyvm for the welcome
this post to inform you that your share has been moved to CBC second life forum

This happens

1) when you have shared your way to the next user group.
2) when the share(s) has been in the sandbox for a month or two . It will then be moved even though the contributor didn't get to the next user group. 

If you haven't already, you might want to read more about how the sandbox works, by reading the guide

here is what you have shared sofar then you can avoid double posting. 


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