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Hello to All the community
Hi to all,
im metavers paranoic ..... like support and be supported  (if necessary Idea )

Heart  Hugs   Heart
postbit slot
I am not really sure about what a metavers paranoic is! I am glad to meet one so i am able to get a better knowledge. 

If you need any support we are here to help, if possible. 

You already found the introduction part of the forum, so the next step will be to head to the sandbox sticky: https://forum.copybot.club/Thread-READ-T...nformation
You can, of course - skip reading that link and roam around the forum as you like. 

Just be aware, the more you add to cbc the more access you get. All described in the part of the forum you do have access to. 

Welcome to the club 

Welcome to the club Gobba74

we hope you get also paranoid about copybot Wink

Cheers mate,
showbis Cool
Hello All, and owners, happy be here. Im self made programmers, work on SL scripts, mesh and more others. Hope i can make contribute to the community, Many Thanks in Advance!
I merged your first intro thread with the new one you made. 

welcome back online again!
Silly Girl like all what is Virtual and Ghost or dark Smile
 Hope know nice frinends to have honey time !!
ive merged your introduction thread with your other introductions Smile

welcome once again. Maybe you stay this time?  I am told  third time is a charm


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